Irbesartan & the Control Over Headache Pain Induced by Hypertension


Chronic headache pain is a leading cause for use of over-the-counter medications in the United States. For many headache pain sufferers, the complication is associated with stress and poor eyesight while for some adults, the complications of headache pain may be attributed to hypertension.


If you suffer from persistent and recurrent headache pain, it is important to seek medical attention from a healthcare provider who specializes in chronic pain. The first assessment your physician will want to make involves your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is found to be rather high, hypertension may be the underlying culprit to your chronic and recurring headache pain.

Even with prescription medications that manage hypertension, many hypertensive patients experience persistent low to moderate-level headache pain. As a result, prescription therapy may be required to manage that pain in addition to the hypertensive state. With today’s prescription drugs on the market, many physicians are choosing to prescribe irbesartan for the management of both hypertension and headache pain.


Irbesartan is an angiotensin II prescription drug. In the treatment of hypertension, irbesartan can reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressures while also reducing the associated headache pain that is some common in hypertension. With this one drug, used as a monotherapy for hypertension, your quality of life can be significantly improved.

Women, more commonly than men, suffer from persistent headache pain with hypertension. As a result, irbesartan may be most effective for treating this condition in women. In addition, if you are rather young, and suffer from hypertension, the use of irbesartan may provide a better therapeutic benefit. For some patients, however, the complaints of persistent headache pain are often not addressed as part of hypertensive treatment and, as a result, patients continue to suffer needlessly.

If you suffer from hypertension and the medications you are currently using do not seem to improve your persistent and recurrent headache pain, ask your physician about other therapeutic options. If you are young, and you are female, the use of irbesartan may provide for a greater therapeutic benefit in one convenient dosing formula.

Controlling both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, your lifelong cardiovascular health complications can be managed more effectively. Without proper medical treatment, you may suffer, needlessly, from persistent headache pain which reduces your quality of life. Even when other hypertensive drugs have proven to be poorly tolerated, you may find that irbesartan is easily tolerated with few side effects.