Grants for ex-Felons to Start a New Life

grants-chalkWhen an ex-convict makes his way back into the real world after completing his sentence, he looks forward to starting a new life. At such times, it is rather important that he is provided with the right kind of assistance.

It needs to be ensured that he is capable of supporting himself in this new life so that he does not return to a life of crime and he does not end up at the same place from where he had started. It is for this purpose that grants for felons are introduced.

When an ex-convict steps into the world outside prison, he needs to seek some form of employment. He could either attain formal employment or perhaps start a business, which would prove to be a better option in most cases.

The thing is that having a criminal record can work against you when it comes to getting formal employment, which is why most tend to prefer to start up a business. However, this requires finance and training. This is where the government can come to their help.

Attaining help

Grants for felons is basically to provide financial assistance to them for education or reintegration into the society. According to Felon Prospects, it is a financial support system that is provided by the government to enable an individual or organization to carry out a certain task.

According to FelonFriendly, business grants are not sanctioned to ex-convicts and thus, they must look for other options to attain finances for the purpose. The ways via which finances can be arranged include asking for help from friends and families, getting a loan from a bank, or approaching angel investors.

Angel investors refer to individuals or a group of people who are willing to invest in new ideas. If you think that your idea is unique and can turn out to be a profitable venture, you can turn to angel investors for help.

The thing that you need to remember is that if you are looking to attract funding, you would need to formulate a proper business plan, which would show your approach to the whole thing and how you are planning to execute your ideas.

Are you eligible for a grant?

Most people do not have a clear idea of whether they are eligible to apply for the grant or not. Due to this, they tend to miss out on attaining help that could have played a role in reshaping their life.

ISEEK lists the criteria to be eligible for a financial grant for felons in great detail. There are certain steps that you are required to undertake to attain this help.

The first step that is required is to fill out a form for the purpose. The free application form for federal student aid needs to be filled, and you need to ensure that there are no wrong details included in it as this can lead to your application being rejected.

For eligibility, there are certain criteria that you need to fulfill. You need to be a citizen of the country and you need to have a valid social security number, have a high school diploma or passed an Ability-to-Benefit test, and be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program.

Making the best use of the opportunity

There is no denying that these grants pave the way for ex-convicts to lead a better life that is far away from the realms of criminal offenses. It is integral that one makes the best use of the opportunity that is presented to him.

Life does not throw second chances your way every too often, and these grants for felons are basically an opportunity for you to steer the direction of your life away from the world of crime and lead a normal life.

It also needs to be remembered that if any sign of misconduct is found on the part of the felon, the grant would be canceled and he would have to bear the repercussions. Thus, one has to be rather cautious to ensure that he does not spoil this opportunity to clean up his act.